1. Cancel current transaction.
2. Run another transaction, but use a different credit card.
3. Make sure you do not run two consecutive transactions for the same amount with the same card.
4. If transaction does not process, please cancel.
5. With your finger, press the four corners of the screen starting from top left corner working clockwise.

6. PIN pad will appear.

7. Key in the PIN provided to you and press Enter.

8. You have exited the donation program.
9. From the Desktop, hit Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Connect to a Network.
10. Verify that the kiosk is connected to the Internet.
11. If the Internet connection has been lost, reconnect.
12. After you have connected to a wireless network, find the Icon titled “Kioware” on the Desktop and launch.
13. Run a test transaction.
14. If the transaction does not go through, please call support at (866.372.4483, option 4).