It is highly recommended that the kiosk be hard lined into the network to ensure faster application speeds as well as a more secure connection. The kiosk program can function off of a secure password protected WiFi connection but the signal strength may effect the performance and speed of the donation program. 

1. Plug power cable at bottom of kiosk into UPS sent with kiosk. Plug UPS into power outlet and turn on.

2. Open up the back of the panel with the keys provided. Plug in Cat 5/6 Ethernet cable.

3. Turn terminal on by pressing power button. In a kiosk and wall mount, the terminal is attached to the back of the monitor.

4.The computer operating system will run through its normal start-up procedures.

5. The donation program will start automatically.

6. If a wireless connection is needed, you will need to exit the donation program.

7. To exit the program, press the four corners of the screen starting from the top left corner working clockwise. 

8. A PIN pad will appear. Type in the PIN provided to you and press Enter.

For Windows 7:

A. From the Desktop, hit Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet Connections> Connect to

a Network.

B. You should be able to now view your wireless internet connections.

C. Select your network.

For Windows 8:

A. Once at Desktop, go to bottom right corner of screen (next to the time) and click the wireless indicator (tapered bars). 

B. Select your network.

9. After you have connected to a wireless network, find the Icon titled “Kioware” on the Desktop and launch.

11. The Donation Program will then begin to load.

If you require assistance with setting up your new kiosk, please contact support at 866.372.4483, option 4.